Alice in Zombieland, directed by Danny Boyle

Alice in Zombieland, directed by Danny Boyle

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Alice in Zombieland is a thrilling zombie horror movie directed by visionary director Danny Boyle. Alice, a young woman in her twenties, is running away from an abusive relationship when she stumbles into a strange world, populated by the undead. Alices journey takes her through a twisted version of Wonderland, where all of her favorite characters are now zombies.

She must use her wit and knowledge to survive the horrors of Zombieland, while trying to uncover the mystery of what happened to Wonderland and why it has become overrun by the undead. Alice soon discovers that the zombie plague was caused by a powerful magical artifact, one that could potentially be used to reverse the effects. With the help of her new undead friends, Alice must find the artifact and save Wonderland from the undead.

Her task will be made even harder by the evil Red Queen, who is determined to keep the artifact for herself and rule Zombieland with an iron fist. Alice must use her courage and intelligence to overcome the odds, and discover the true power of Wonderland. In the end, she must make a choice; will she use the artifact to save Wonderland, or will she succumb to the darkness of Zombieland?

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