Egypt 2143 by Ridley Scott

Egypt 2143 by Ridley Scott

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Egypt 2143 is an actionpacked scifi adventure set in a postapocalyptic future Egypt. In this dystopia, a powerful mummy has been unearthed and is bent on destroying humanity. After a series of earthquakes and floods, the mummy has been unleashed, and it is up to our unlikely hero, a brilliant young scientist, to put an end to the destruction. With the help of a rag tag group of rebels and a mysterious ancient artifact, they must battle their way through the mummy‘s minions and save the world. Along the way, they will discover the secrets of the past and the power of the mummy‘s dark magic. With Ridley Scott‘s unique visual storytelling style, Egypt 2143 is a thrilling journey through a world of magic, horror, and adventure.

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