Red Plague – Mars Zombie movie by Danny Boyle

Red Plague – Mars Zombie movie by Danny Boyle

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Red Plague is a thrilling zombie movie set on the planet of Mars in the year 2060. When a mysterious plague strikes the red planet, a small team of scientists must find a way to stop it before it spreads to Earth. When the research team discovers the cause of the Red Plague, they realize it is a virus created as an intended weapon, but it has mutated beyond their control. As the infection grows, the team must fight to contain the virus before it is too late. Unfortunately, the virus has already spread to the human population on the planet and infected them with a deadly virus that turns them into zombielike creatures. The team must find a way to contain the plague and save the human race from destruction. With the clock ticking and the fate of humanity in their hands, they must use all of their resources to find a cure and save the planet. With a mix of science, action, and horror, Red Plague is sure to be an exciting and frightening journey.

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