Stanley Kubrick’s Tron (1976)

Stanley Kubrick’s Tron (1976)

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In the 1970‘s, Stanley Kubrick takes us on an epic, visually stunning journey into a virtual world of the future Tron.

Computer programmer, Kevin Flynn, is desperate to prove the theft of his innovative software designs by the powerful Master Control Program (MCP). After Flynn is digitized and transported into the virtual world of the Grid, he must fight for his survival as he is pitted against the MCPs cruel and powerful programs. Flynn teams up with Tron, a security program who has broken free from the MCPs control, and they must battle their way through the dangerous world of the Grid in order to reach the MCPs core. Along the way they join forces with a group of rebels and together they must outsmart the MCPs forces and defeat the MCP in order to restore justice and freedom to the virtual world.

Kubricks Tron is an actionpacked and visually stunning film that takes audiences on an epic journey into a world beyond our imagination.

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